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Alien-Human Hybrid:
The Stuff of Dreams or Commonplace?

If an alien-human hybrid walked into the room right now, would you recognize it?

We'd all like to think so, wouldn't we? But maybe it's not quite as simple as all that.

Let me explain...

Back to the beginning

If we assume that the tales of aliens on Earth are true, then there has been a very long history of interaction. More than that, some of the tales speak of how aliens have altered our genetics and even mixed them with our own.

If that is the case, then we are all alien-human hybrids anyway. So you can tell that to the next hybrid who walks into your room!

In other words, it is entirely possible that the most influence aliens have had on us is to create us as we are. Out of that have come our societies and our cultures.

But then again, it happened so long ago that maybe we're so comfortable with it that it doesn't really seem like we're an alien-human hybrid. We're just us!

Back to the present

You don't have to rely on the distant past for hybrids. There is enough going on around you to spark some fresh ideas.

For example, take the case of alien abductees. Whether you think all of them are merely seeking fame and fortune, or whether, as some suggest, they merely fill some deep socio-psychological need is beside the point. There have been so many tales, told over a long period of time, with surprising similarities that should lead you to take at least the idea of abduction seriously.

The modern era really began in 1957 with Antonio Villas Boas (then 23) in Brazil being abducted and, according to him, having sex with an alien blond woman.

During the 60's and 70's independent researchers found that many people of both sexes claimed they had been raped by aliens or had consensual sex with them.

But there were plenty of others well before this time. It's just that they were ridiculed and their stories buried.

The question is, 'Why all the sex?'.

There are only a couple of ideas here. One is that the aliens want alien-human hybrids to help preserve their race (like careful breeding of animals to obtain specific genetic characteristics). The other is that these are part of some long term experimentation on us with a view, perhaps, to controlling us or even supplanting us.

This last idea lies behind David Icke's view that reptilians are in control of the world. They are, he says, shape shifters, but basically reptilian hybrids. (You can find out more about David Icke and his ideas here.)

Along with these types of alien-human hybrids, comes the idea of mind-control techniques. If you assume that the aliens (or some alien species, at least) want to dominate the world but can't show themselves, then mind-control is the way to go.

Which means, of course, if it's working, you're not going to be able to know a hybrid anyway, because you will have been programmed to ignore it!

Are these the real alien-human hybrids?

If you think that the abductees' stories are strange and untrustworthy, then you might prefer the tale of the Dropas.

This starts in 1938 in a region on the Tibet-Chinese border where archaeologists discover many small bodies with large heads in a cave. They also find a strange stone disk with a hole in it. On further examination, it is realized that what looks like a spiral on the disk is in fact microscopic writing.

It takes many years to decode this writing. in the meantime, over 700 other stone disks are unearthed.

When the writing is finally deciphered, the story goes as follows; about 10,000 BC a spaceship landed in that area and, it being damaged, the inhabitants were forced to stay there. Repairs were not possible.

However, they were so small and ugly that several were hunted and killed. According to the stone, they were called the Dropas

Fast forward to the end of the last century and you have small beings with large heads buried in large numbers in a cave.

'Any possible relation', you ask?

Well, consider this..In that same area today live two tribes. One is called the Han and the other the Dropas. They are both very small. The adults are between 3-feet-6 inches and 4-feet 7 inches. They weigh between 38 to 52 pounds. They are yellow-skinned with thin bodies and disproportionately large heads, corresponding to the skeletal remains found in the caves in 1938. They have sparse hair on their bodies and have large eyes that are not Asian in aspect, but have pale blue irises.

After all that time, I guess I would say that they are, for me, the best possible bet for being alien-human hybrids.

But, then again, given what we can piece together, we all seem to be hybrids or have contact with hybrids every day of our lives.

So there's really no need to go looking for them, is there?

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