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What's the Alien Agenda
and Should We Worry?

Debating what the alien agenda is has become very popular in some circles.

Do you, for example, sit and think about what the aliens are planning on doing, or what they have already set in motion? Probably not.

If it crosses your mind, then it would usually be in response to some news item or something you've seen on the internet, or a film you've watched.

In other words, it's not a usual part of everyday life for most people. After all, it's hard enough for many people to really think about whether aliens are real or not. How much more of a leap would it be to think about what they might have in store for us?

Nevertheless, it is something worth thinking about.

Let's make some basic assumptions and see where they lead us:

  • Aliens exist and are on this planet (Fairly reasonable, given the information on this site alone)
  • They are not going to spend the entire time here just sleeping
  • If they are here, then some people know about them and are in communication with them
  • This communication has a purpose, not just, "Hello, how are you?"

Where does that lead us?

It leads us to suppose that those in communication with the aliens have their agenda and that, in all likelihood, the aliens have their agenda as well.

The point is, whose agenda is going to win?

Firstly, let's be honest about ourselves before we talk about aliens. Answer this question as honestly as you can;

Do you have an agenda?

Tricky question, isn't it? An agenda about what, you ask? An agenda implies a plan. Well, you probably have many plans. You could have plans to get a job, get married, leave your job, travel, make money, raise children and so on and on. Is any one of those your main agenda or does it change from time to time?

If it is that hard to talk about your agenda, just how much more difficult must it be to talk of the alien agenda when we know so little about them?

Nevertheless, there are various theories about what aliens have in mind for us. As there are many different types of aliens anyway, each with their own (supposed) agendas, it makes it difficult to know anything for sure.

All we can do is suggest ideas from what little evidence we have.

For example, cattle mutilations, which have been reported for a long time, have led many to speculate that medical experiments are under way to either enslave us us alter us in some way for some unspecified purpose.

This is linked with some reports from abductees who have reported being physically examined in a very unpleasant way by aliens. Again, this leads to ideas of an alien human hybrid being developed.

In fact, this idea is probably a very ancient one indeed and perhaps we are already the result of alien genetic intervention from long ago.

On the lighter side...

Such speculations are based on the idea that there is an antagonistic alien race (or races) which is out to dominate this world in one way or another.

However, like most things, there are reports of the 'good guys', the ones who have our best interests at heart. Their possible agendas include protecting us from the 'bad guys', or helping us get ready for integration into the greater galactic community. Of course, they could also be stopping us from blowing ourselves up.

In other words, you have ideas for both good and bad outcomes for us. But they might not be the complete alien agenda, just as your agenda could switch from moment to moment.

There's also the governments supposedly in contact with them. Maybe their agenda is to get alien technology and weapons for their own purposes.

In which case, how would that tie in with any ideas the aliens have?

It then becomes a mind-bendingly complex puzzle created from supposition, partial evidence, hearsay and logic.

Whatever the real answer (or answers) might be, one thing is very clear to me: they are here and they must be doing something. And what will cause it to make the alien agenda known to us?

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