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Is Alien Technology Already In Use?

If other life is out there, and visitors have come, then they have brought their alien technology with them.

We currently do not have the capabilities to visit other planets and so, whoever has come to us brings great advances in technology.

Space travel in starships or flying saucers is, in itself, a huge advance. But that would not be the only scientific discoveries. Behind the starships lies all the allied science which allowed them to be built.

What types of science?

From reports, hints, observations, historical research and the like, it would seem that alien technology would include some or all of the following:

  • advanced propulsion systems
  • antigravity
  • new metals and alloys
  • energy systems
  • time travel
  • weaponry based on beams of some kind
  • light bending techniques
  • computing techniques
  • some form of teleportation
  • medical compounds / techniques

Now, what general, seeing this list, would not want to get his hands on such things?

It has been argued that various black budget projects have been studying such areas for years now and only slowly leaking discoveries disguised as human inventions. Most of the main discoveries have, however, been kept secret.

The advent of the microchip and the subsequent computing revolution has been said to be the result of reverse engineering of alien technology.

The Montauk Project in New York, for example, (which ran in the 1970's and 1980's) has been associated with this idea.

One of the more disturbing ideas is the use of genetic manipulation or experimentation. The Annunaki in Sumer seemed to be responsible for genetically altering humans. In effect, they created alien-human-hybrids.

The same level of experimentation is thought to be happening today. Some abductees report experiments being made on them and there are the reports of animal mutilations which could also point at this as the reason. (Of course, the question then becomes, 'What is the purpose?')

The 'typical' alien craft, the flying saucer, or whatever shape it might be, uses antigravity, according to some informed researchers. Maybe they can also use time travel to cover the vast distances in the universe.

UFO technology also includes weaponry. This is based on historical research of events mentioned in ancient writings as well as the discovery of radioactive glass under the surface in areas such as India. The Mahabharata speaks graphically of something which has undeniable similarity with a nuclear explosion.

In addition, there is the asteroid belt which, some say, is the remains of a planet once destroyed. Further out in space, some scientists are saying that star wars is really taking place trillions of miles away!.

It all points to vastly superior weaponry than anything we currently have available.

Less destructively, there are the Crop Circles which appear every year. Could alien technology be responsible for some of these?

Even if you only keep to the idea that UFO's are visiting us and nothing else is happening, then that flight technology, that science alone would be worth knowing.

No matter how you look at it, alien technology is in, on or around the Earth to one degree or another. How much of it is known and workable by humans is unclear. How much is hidden from us humans is also unclear.

Some reports state that there are races of aliens intent on keeping us out of trouble by limiting our exposure to this new technology.

It doesn't really matter. The mere existence of such beings leads us to speculate and then to try to emulate them. Who knows how close we are to having alien technology as an everyday part of our lives?

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