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Alien Encounters:
Film, Fact or Fiction?

The idea that we humans have alien encounters has influenced modern film making. Just think of the range of alien contact films there are. Everything from the 'Alien' series of films, through to 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' and on to 'Ghostbusters' with every genre in between getting in on the act; 'Contact', 'Stargate', 'The Abyss', 'E.T.' and on and on and on.

Why is it that alien encounters is such a subject for films (and I'm not even bothering about books because there's way too many of those to take into account)?

Without becoming too technical or serious in what is, after all, not the main point of this website, it probably has a lot to do with the fact that we humans like to think we're superior. We can do that by overcoming threats from aliens.

And, before you start, I know there are plenty of other reasons why as well!


If we leave the media alone for a while, then there are plenty of tales of alien encounters throughout history. One of the most often cited examples is that of the prophet Elijah in the Bible, going up in his 'fiery chariot'. Many have said this is a reference to him being in a type of spaceship.

Then there are references to alien contact in India's culture. There is mention of flying machines called 'vimanas' in the Vedas, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

According to Zechariah Sitchin, there are many references to alien encounters in the Sumerian culture. The Annunaki were a race of ET's, aliens on earth, who divided into factions as to how they were going to deal with humanity.


When we turn to modern times, there are many reasons to believe that encounters with aliens are far more commonplace than we are led to think by the media. For example, there are

To begin with, there are all the reports from abductees and contactees. Alien abduction and contact have been so widely reported across so many countries and such a span of time that it would be ridiculous to discount all of them as mere imagination or just downright lies. Some are famous such as Admiral Byrd's encounters, but most are ordinary people.

Then there are the continued leaks from individuals about the government and its association with aliens in one form or another. Again, so many of them that it is hard to ignore them.

If you count alien contact as being what you see, not actually meeting with them, then there are all the sightings of UFO's, the reports, the pictures and the videos, which also build up a large body of evidence. Again, even if you were to discount many of them as just overactive imaginations, wrong attribution and so on, then that still leaves a solid core of undeniable sightings.

Leaving what might be called 'the mainstream' of alien contact behind, you can discover other aspects. Things like alien implants, the intriguing area of alien human hybrids and aliens in the mind.

There's even an interesting argument about how real are aliens anyway?

All of these modern examples, let alone the historical ones, point to a long and continuing history of alien encounters. It is no surprise that such a history has had an influence on us. Our culture, our media and, some would argue, our very bodies, are direct and inevitable results of such interference.

Just how much you want to take in of this data is, of course, your choice. What should not be denied, however, is the volume, detail and time span of such alien encounters.

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