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Which Is The Real Alien Information?

Much of the alien information we have comes from individuals; people who claim to have been in contact (directly or indirectly) with aliens or who have been abducted by them.

The question, of course, is how much can they be relied on?

Although most people report that alien abductions really began to come to notice in the latter half of last century, that might not be accurate.

It was Carl Sagan who pointed out that the historic tales of demonic abduction share many similarities with alien abduction;

  • The beings come from the sky
  • They have obvious power
  • Communication is done telepathically
  • They can travel through walls
  • They perform experiments on humans

If that is possible, then alien abductions have been happening for a long time indeed.

One of the irritations which critics voice is that, despite so many alleged encounters, there is no evidence in terms of pictures, videos, artifacts or anything else.

In other words, the alien information we have is the spoken or written word. And given how easy it is for people to lie or bend the truth in any situation, there are natural concerns that the same thing is happening here.

What's the truth, then?

In a sense, it's a bit like Project Blue Book which discounted a large percentage of UFO sightings, but left a core of them unexplainable in conventional terms.

Similarly, there have been accusations that the sudden growth in the numbers of supposed contactees was a CIA response to the Robertson Panel's (see above link to Project Blue Book) statement that UFO groups "should be watched because of their potentially great influence on mass thinking… The apparent irresponsibility and the possible use of such groups for subversive purposes should be kept in mind."

So we have to add in government conspiracies as well!

Nevertheless, if we discount a lot of the contacts and abductions, we are still left with a core of them which are hard to explain away.

Our alien information has been shaped by those who have reported it to the public in one form or another. That, in turn, has been taken and shaped by the media and become part of our way of thinking about these things.

But who were these people?

The following are amongst the most well researched or most public of abductions or contacts. They are in no particular order as they can each stand or fall on their own evidence. Some are better known than others. But not every contact can be noted as they are just too many of them.

  • Billy Meir
  • Betty and Barney Hill
  • Antonio Villa Boas
  • Whitley Streiber
  • Raël
  • George Adamski
  • Richard Shaver
  • Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker
  • Travis Watson
  • Joseph Smith
  • James Gilliland
  • Dr Greer

It is from these people and those like them that we have gained much of our alien information.

Some of it is contradictory and confusing. Some of it might be outright lies. But there is always the same thought in my mind...

No matter how many can be discredited, as long as there remains one which cannot be explained or proved to be false, then there is sufficient evidence for belief in aliens.

It is impossible for me to direct you to a particular conclusion about any of the above people. All I can say is whatever alien information you have at present is due in some degree to the people who have been abducted and told their tales.

Some have had a greater influence on us than others, but ultimately, whether they are all lies, it does not change the fact that aliens (real or imagined) have had a great influence upon us and still do to this day (otherwise you wouldn't be here!).

Read their stories and see what alien information you might have brought back!

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