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Aliens on Earth:
A Long Story

The history of aliens on Earth is a long one. It continues up to the present day.

Most people either do not want to believe it or, if they do, they don't want to think about what it means.

What it means for you, for me, for everyone, is that we have been influenced by aliens for a very long time. Sometimes that influence was less intrusive than others.

Sometimes, the alien influence was very direct.

But because there have been aliens on Earth, they have helped shape the way we think and act. Those influences can be obvious or they can be subtle. They have all helped shape our present culture.

What makes me able to make such strong statements? The answer is the overwhelming amount of evidence which has piled up over the years. Evidence such as

The evidence

Let me be clear about this. I'm not trying to say everyone must agree with me (although that would be nice, of course!). What I am saying is that there is so much evidence from such a long period of time from so many sources that it would be (I think) ridiculous to dismiss it all as fiction.

Just for one moment, let me suppose that there are no aliens at all and that the people accusing the government of a cover up are wrong. So what?

Well, in that case, aliens are still affecting and influencing us even if they are only being used as the means of attacking the government. What is the influence in this case?

  • That the government is hiding things from us.
  • That we should be wary of what our government says and does with reference to aliens
  • That the government is hiding other information from us
  • That there is a climate of suspicion, mistrust and fear growing and spreading into other areas of life

In other words, changes would be brought about by the possibility of aliens on earth.

Now, what if it were all true? The above statements are just as true, aren't they? Therefore, no matter what the real truth is, aliens have already affected us.

But before looking at all the ways we have been affected by aliens, it would be good to at least scan some of the evidence for them being here.

Apart from the ways noted in the list above, you should consider things like the Nazis and UFO's, Admiral Byrd's strange diary about meeting with aliens and pictures supposedly showing ancient astronauts and flying machines.

In other words, there is not just one strand of evidence about aliens on Earth, but a whole range of types of evidence from a variety of people and places.

It's going to be fun looking through it all!

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