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Alien Conspiracy Theories

Alien conspiracy theories are relatively recent. Only in probably the latter part of the last century did they begin to take hold and spread.

The question is not if they are valid, but why did they start then?

After all, UFO's and strange phenomena have been around for a long time. (Here are some probable UFO pictures from well before any idea of conspiracies started up.) It seems strange that something which took so long to get started, as it were, is going so strong now, unless there was something behind it all.

Roswell and after

The major incident which started the ball rolling was at Roswell, New Mexico. The Roswell UFO incident has fueled (and continues to fuel) speculation as to what exactly happened in 1947 and what happened after that time.

Scraps of evidence began to be uncovered, each of them sparking further interest and questions.

The idea that there had been a UFO cover up gained ground. Alongside Roswell, other terms began to be used:

  • Majestic 12
  • Project Blue Book
  • Black Budget Projects
  • Alien Technologies
  • The Greys
  • Area 51 and Groom Lake
  • Secret Military Bases
  • The Disclosure Project
  • NASA being involved in a cover-up
  • Reptilian beings...
  • ...and other unexplained mysteries

It's amazing how fast the whole idea of conspiracy theories has grown. It's also amazing the ground it now covers. From concern over one possible spaceship which might have crashed in 1947, the theories cover everything from alien invasion to secret weapons and secret government bodies in collusion with aliens.

Not bad for something which started barely 60 years ago!

The fears and concerns, the anger and the irritation over what governments might or might not be telling has grown. In a sense, it no longer matters whether there are conspiracies or not. There is now a whole section of the media dedicated to digging around and trying to uncover anything which might be hidden.

Therefore I could argue that alien conspiracy theories, whether they were based on sound principles at first or not, are responsible in large part for the suspicions many hold about government.

That, of course, does not make them valid. But what does give them credence is that a lot of people who used to work for the government are coming out with books, interviews, websites and articles about aliens and conspiracies. Together with closer coverage of the whole alien idea; videos and photos, you can't help but begin to think that the alien conspiracy theories are based on something real.

For example, of all the people who should know about aliens, or have opinions about them, it is the astronauts whose views should be sought.

Then, of course, there is the organization which was set up to get them into space and to the Moon. NASA has come under increasing criticism and suspicion of late. Is it really hiding something from us all?

Of course, in order to make up your own mind about the truth or lies of alien conspiracy theories, it is essential that you at least understand the main points of each. This will be done a piece at a time on this website.

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