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How Many Types of Aliens are There?

Have you asked yourself how many types of aliens there are? Probably not.

For most people, it's enough to admit that alien life forms exist, that there are such things as extraterrestrial beings. It's another thing altogether to speculate about how many varieties there are!

But what is an alien? What is the definition? Simply put, an alien is a form of life assumed to exist outside the Earth or its atmosphere. It might be more accurate to say that an alien is a form of life which originated outside the Earth (because there are some on the Earth right now).

The types of aliens therefore must be quite high in number if they are just defined as forms of life. That could take into account a whole range of beings, not just the little guys with the big eyes and spindly bodies.

I doubt that we'll ever know the answer to this question. After all, the universe is a huge place and there's plenty of room for aliens to hide in.

The Common types

If we're talking about alien races, then there seem to be a few which appear to be the most well-known or talked about. This is because they appear in films, or have books written and promoted about them or there appears to be more evidence to support their existence. Briefly, they are

The first are at the center of a series of books containing detailed research by Zechariah Sitchin.

The reptilians and their influence have been promoted by a number of people, most dramatically by David Icke (pronounced 'ike', not 'icky').

The Greys are the ones you see in films and hear about most from abductees. They are what most would point out as 'typical' aliens, really because they are the ones who have been most visible.

The last group, the Pleiadians, only came into greater awareness because of the publishing success of Barbara Marciniak's 'Bringers of the Dawn'. This was the channeled communications from a group of Pleiadians.

Other types

However, there are plenty of other types of aliens around.

We have found that not all of them are immediately visible either. There are plenty of cases where we have worked with clients on alien influences in their lives and the aliens themselves were not visible. Mainly that was because they were not entirely physically present, but were in a different dimension or a different reality.

Of course, one interesting aspect in this, at least for me, is how they all differ from each other physically. This study is called exobiology. Although it is difficult to be precise in physical descriptions, there are people who have made this their area of study. In fact, you can look at NASA's involvement in exobiology here, although it does not deal specifically with aliens.

If you think back to the definition at the top, then there some types of aliens which you already know something about:

  • Sasquatch (or Big Foot)
  • The Yetti (which might be a variant of Big foot)
  • The Loch Ness Monster

to name the most obvious. It is thought by some that these beings are the result of experimental interbreeding or are remnants of earlier races here, perhaps created or planted by other aliens. In which case, there are physical remnants found such as hair and footprints which can be studied.

What all this boils down to though is that there are more types of aliens around than you might think of at first.

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