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Alien Implants:
Strange? Perhaps. Impossible? No.

If the thought of alien implants is vaguely disturbing to you, but nothing more, then perhaps you should consider the following;

  • We already have access to a wide range of implants in terms of dental, hip and cochlear implants (not to mention any number of surgical techniques which leave non-human objects in your body)
  • Many animals are already 'chipped' with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags embedded beneath their skin
  • Many stores are already using RFID as a way of monitoring stock, but those same tags can be used to track the items.
  • The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has authorized the use of RFID chips in people. (That happened in 2004, in case you missed it.)
  • Implants have already been placed in citizens as far back as 1974 (first brain implants) and in 1973 in Sweden, Prime Minister Olof Palme gave permission to implant prisoners, and Data Inspection's ex-Director General Jan Freese revealed that nursing-home patients were implanted in the mid-1980s.
  • Exclusive night clubs chip their patrons
  • The list goes on...

Now, all this human activity makes me think that if humans can do this, and the implants are getting smaller and smaller, why is not possible to have even smaller, more effective alien implants in us?

Before you think I'm crazy

The idea of alien implants began to grow around the late 1950's to the mid 1960's. Skeptics claim that the origin is a particular incident involving supposed beings from under the Earth and a mentally unstable man, Charles Shaver.

Whether this are true or not is, in a sense, irrelevant. The idea of alien implants is simply a development in the whole alien - human interaction. It is, if you like, more sophisticated than simply reporting strange craft or stranger people.

As some politicians and inventors have discovered to their cost, ideas have to come at the right time, when people are ready for them, or else they just disappear.

Although I haven't been able to locate earlier references (yet) to talk of alien implants, it does not mean that they were not about before 1950.

Is there proof?

The whole 'proof' thing is always a problem simply because some people will dismiss anything which threatens their paradigm while others are too ready to accept whatever they see in front of them. Critical analysis always comes a distant third to the emotional response and the hard logic of automatic dismissal.

Before you plant your flag of belief in alien implants as either 'True' or 'False', consider the following;

  • If humans have been (publicly) experimenting with implants on other humans for about 30 years, how much better is their technology now?
  • If black budget programs have been dedicated to similar areas of research (and there's good reason to believe they have), just think what their level of sophistication is at!
  • If aliens really are implanting devices into us then, given that their technology is necessarily more advanced than ours, the surprising thing might be that any at all are found as they are probably far better at camouflaging them than we are.
  • Why does it always have to be physical implants?

Physical evidence?

Take a look at the video below. it is about a Dr Leir who claims to have removed implants (which he claims are alien in origin) from patients for a number of years.

Whether they truly are alien implants or not, it is hard to conceive of these having been placed in a human without their knowledge, unless they were unaware of in some fashion. Memory wipe, alien abduction or something else would have to account for the lack of awareness.

What's the point of implants?

Good question. Most people get so caught up in the technicalities and the outrage, that few go beyond and ask 'why'?

I can find few answers to this, beyond the paranoid claims of mind-control (which might not be actually without merit).

However, I think of us humans planting chips in animals like whales and dolphins and birds and other species in order to track them and learn more about them.

We look upon such creatures as being less than, lower than ourselves in some fashion. So we don't even bother to ask them permission (assuming we could!). Why should it not be possible to conceive of aliens treating us in exactly the same way?

We may be research subjects for all we know. We may be little more than rats in a maze. Or perhaps we are being controlled by them in some fashion...

And as for the human placed implants....there are all sorts of conspiracy theories about those to the surprise of nobody!

Non-physical implants?

If an alien implant is something defined as being something of non-human origin which is purposely placed so as to influence or monitor human activity, then it doesn't have to be physical at all.

There is increasing evidence that we are not just our physical bodies. We are also energetic beings. We have an energy field around us which science is just starting to be able to detect.

It seems perfectly reasonable to suggest that the real alien implants, the ones we should be concerned about most, are the ones embedded inside our energy fields.

Such things would be responsible for affecting our emotions as well as subtler things like our belief systems, our gut reactions to events, words, ideas and so on. Once removed, they have a significant effect on behavior and so on.

Such non-physical alien implants are far more prevalent than any physical type discussed.

To end with, here's something which seems eerily appropriate (read into it what you will). The major manufacturer of RFID chips is a company called....Alien Technology... Oh, that HAS to be a coincidence! Doesn't it?

Alien implants...made on Earth!

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