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The Alien Invasion:
Or is there more than one?

If you think of an alien invasion, then you probably will have thoughts like H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds: creatures gunning us down in the streets and us desperately trying to devise an effective weapon against them.

Or maybe you lean more towards the idea in the film 'Sleepers' when people were turned into zombies by the alien host. Or perhaps like 'Independence Day' where it's an all-out war.

There are so many different scenarios. But the one thing they all have in common is that there is a type of war going on, that superior technology is somehow defeated by chance or by environmental factors or by the sheer bravery of a band of people.

But alien invasion equals war, no matter how it is portrayed.

But does it really have to be like that?

I think the answer is definitely 'No'.

An invasion doesn't have to be violent to succeed. An invasion can take place over a long time and the end result is just the same; the invaders have control and they supplant the original inhabitants.

Is that happening?

I'm not sure if I can give a definite answer to that one just yet, but I suspect that an invasion of sorts is happening.

Let me explain...

Aliens are on Earth. There can be little doubt about that.

What is in doubt are the numbers of aliens as well as the types. There are certainly more than one or two types because of the descriptions abductees and contactees have given, let alone the investigators and whistleblowers.

Now that leads us into some very grey areas indeed.

If there are different alien races then their alien physiology is not the same. Therefore, there are different biological requirements for each life form. Undoubtedly, there can be methods of altering their own bodies to cope and these would make this planet acceptable.

But it still is not perfect for them.

Does that mean that only the best adapted aliens are the ones to have an interest in Earth? Not necessarily if the others can work with, or coerce or take over in some fashion leading political figures here and treat them as puppets.

Added to this, you have the fact that there appear to be both 'Good Aliens' and 'Bad Aliens' here. The 'Good' ones are apparently working to help us not destroy ourselves. But they are also here to try and stop the 'Bad' ones from meddling with and altering our society or interfering in other ways.

But, in a wider picture, there's also the matter of extraterrestrial politics to be taken into consideration.

If some contactees and those who channel entities are to be believed, then there exists a Galactic Council or something similar which also has an interest in what goes on here. Just like in the 1930's when there were international attempts to stop Germany, Japan and Italy trying to invade neighboring countries, so this Council is trying to control or oversee what happens amongst various alien races.

I think that, in the light of the above, there are several alien invasions happening right now and they have been happening for a long time.

In the distant past, the Annunaki invaded Earth and, as a result of genetic manipulation and transfer of technology, the Sumerian civilization suddenly exploded on the scene.

In modern times, the alien invasion of the ruling classes and bodies has been strongly suggested by various writers. In particular, the idea that a reptilian race is secretly in control of most of the major power bodies keeps coming to the surface. This reptilian invasion has been around for years, even centuries, according to some.

Conspiracy theories point to government involvement with aliens in order to benefit from their technology, allowing them bases on Earth and to experiment with genetic alterations. In reality, it would seem that they would have had little choice, given the superior weaponry.

For all these reasons, it's difficult to say which alien invasion is furthest ahead. Is it the ones working with the government? Is it the reptilians in command of the political and economic power bases? Is it the 'Good' aliens who are stemming the efforts of the 'Bad' aliens?

Whatever the real situation, the apparent truth would seem to be that aliens are here in numbers and it's just a matter of time as to when they show their true numbers and their true intent.

So take your pick of which alien invasion you believe in!

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