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Alien Pictures...
The Truth!(?)

Ask yourself this... If someone came up to you and said, "I have some alien pictures", would you believe them?

Maybe you would if they were talking about the highly successful series of 'Alien' movies or some of the old b-movies like The Creature from the Black Lagoon or similar. (After all, those types of pictures about aliens always seem to do well, even if some were badly made.)

The idea used to be that the camera doesn't lie. Then along came Photoshop!

(Actually, before that it was 'tampering with the negatives' as a cause for dismissing photographs.)

But actual alien photos? Are you for real?

The problem with pictures

We have a strange attitude towards pictures. We think they are better (more accurate) than paintings (who wouldn't prefer a picture of Shakespeare rather than a painting?), but we also trust them less.

Unless you took the alien pictures yourself and saw them printed out, you probably would not trust them 100%, would you?

There's an atmosphere of mistrust and suspicion which runs right through the whole field of alien information.

For example, there is the whole aspect of alien conspiracy theories, the idea of purposely feeding mis-information to the public, plus the naturally secretive aspects of aliens and humans.

What it boils down to is whether pictures of aliens would convince you that aliens exist. There are any number of UFO photos and videos in circulation. But that doesn't seem to make any difference as to whether these are real alien sightings or not.

I personally doubt that even if one picture (or series of alien pictures) was signed by all the world leaders as being real, there would still be the same amount of cynicism: Dis-information! Fake! Wrong signature!

You get the idea...

More problems

It's not just the problem of being unconvinced. There's also the problem of outright fakery.

With it being so easy to post pictures for the world to see, it's no wonder that people will post pictures which either:

  • they've doctored themselves to prove their point
  • they've copied 'alien' pictures from another website or
  • they've created a photo just for the fun of it to see how many get fooled by it

What can you do?

The best thing you can do is be careful.

If you want to see alien pictures then you have to do only two things.

  1. Visit only reputable websites
  2. Cross check the pictures

Reputable websites do exist. (This is one of them!) You can tell them because they are not full of flashing light and sound and they are well written and do not beat you over the head with angry statements demanding that you have to agree with them.

Cross checking is easily done. Simply visit a number of websites with pictures and look at them and at the descriptions. You'll find that, quite often, one person simply copies verbatim what another has written. Look instead for careful descriptions and whether the website is able and willing to distinguish between strong pictorial proof or weaker, less convincing photos.

Having said that, and having spent a long time trawling the internet for pictures, I have come across hardly any sites which I feel meet the above requirements.

It seems to me that too many people are posting anything on the web without even having done any basic research. One of the most glaring (and repeated) mistakes is of showing the alien autopsy scenario in the Roswell, New Mexico Museum as if it was a real alien, rather than a model. You can go in and see it behind glass! But I've lost count of the websites which explain how this is a real alien picture.

While I have no problem with enthusiasm, I do have a problem when it blocks out common sense.

Nevertheless, in searching for alien pictures, I have sorted through a large number of sites. At the time of writing, only the following websites appear to be the more credible ones.

Crowded Skies seems to be in agreement with me that there are very few dependable alien pictures around at all.

Alien-UFO-Research has a range of photos but not much in terms of discrimination. Some of the interpretation is open to debate but at least, they show a variety of photos.

Lastly, Alien and UFO Pictures. (But why does it have to be in green?) Again, some dubious pictures here, but probably the best of the rest.

This is a pitifully small number of pictures and unless and until there is a fool-proof way of verifying pictures, then I can see little chance for a change.

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