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Cattle Mutilation Still Not Explained.

One of the more disturbing associations with alien activity is that of cattle mutilation.

This may have been going on for a long time, but it first became widely reported in the 1970's. Indeed, it was considered such a problem that the FBI was funded to investigate the whole phenomenon.

However, it is not just cattle which are the main victims. Other animal mutilations have also occurred. Horses are the chief species, outside of cattle, but cats and dogs have also been reported, along with other farm species.

What are we talking about here?

There are certain similarities in the case.

Basically, the animal is found dead with parts of its body removed. Usually these are the eyes, tongue, testes (or udders), sometimes the intestines or other organs.

The aspect which makes people sit up and think is the way these things are done.

  • The cuts are extremely precise, with little or no blood in evidence.
  • The operation is carried out in such a way as to make it look extremely professional.
  • There are no signs of distress or disturbance from the animals.
  • None of the obvious prime cuts of meat are taken.
  • There are also no signs of predator activity around the carcass.
  • Sometimes, decay is delayed.

So, what happened?

It's easiest to get some idea of the panic cattle mutilation caused by looking at the files of the FBI which have been released. (You can see the 128 pages released here.)

To save you reading through all of it, I'll just give you a couple of examples:

In September 1975 a newspaper reported that "the incidents are too widespread - and potentially too dangerous to public order - to ignore." It went on to speak of the "gun-happy frame of mind" which had forced the US Bureau of Land Management to cancel helicopter surveys for fear of being shot down.

A month earlier, the Denver Office's Special Agent in Charge (Theodore Rosack) had written that there had been 130 reported cases in Colorado alone and that incidents had been taking place in nine states for over two years.

One report (of a problem near Dulce, New Mexico) said that "One has to admit that whoever is responsible for the mutilations is very well organized with boundless technology and financing and secrecy."

In 1979 it was estimated that 0ver 8,000 animals had been mutilated (not including those on Indian lands which were not reported).

The FBI did not come to any conclusions about this investigation.

The suspects

Various scenarios have been suggested for this activity for which no-one has been arrested or even claimed to have witnessed.

  • Satanists
  • Cults
  • Secret military operations
  • Alien experiments

While the first two were often talked about, there was never any evidence to show that any particular group was involved or would want to perform any of the types of operations recorded. (There's also the problem of the skills and tools required which hardly anyone involved is able to reproduce.)

Which leaves the last two.

Many reports of cattle mutilation came from near Dulce, New Mexico, particularly from the Gomez Ranch. Dulce has often been associated with an underground facility (some say it is an important alien base).

Many UFO sightings have been reported in that area.

The assumption is that aliens (perhaps with human assistance) were experimenting on cattle and other animals for an, as yet, unknown purpose.

I have no clue as to why this continues. I can see no reason for it. It seems that advanced technology is being used. But the end goal?

Perhaps because it does make no sense it makes it seem even more associated with aliens. After all, it might be something so obvious to them but not able to be understood by us.

Is it still happening?


The early years of this century saw reports principally from South America, especially Argentina. The cattle mutilation outbreak there caused the same concern there as in the States. You can read about one outbreak (and how it was blamed on mice!) at this website.

If you want to keep up to date with this phenomenon, you can visit this site.

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