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Who We Are and What We Do

We are Nigel and Maggie Percy.

And the reason for this website?

It's easy to explain (I hope!). So bear with me....

A little background

I'm Nigel and I was born in the UK. Now I'm an American citizen, thanks to Maggie. We met via a mutual interest in dowsing and healing on the internet.

One thing led to another and I found myself applying to become a citizen in a different country.

We found out we had both been avid readers of science-fiction in our youth and loved all the ideas about space, space travel and aliens. In fact, as an adult, Maggie worked for NASA as an inspector and then as a research scientist for 14 years.

We also both really enjoyed dowsing (we still do, and still use it everyday) and healing.

Therefore, it's no surprise that we ended up establishing a consultancy (Sixth Sense Consulting, Inc.) which allowed us to help our clients by using our talents.

So where do the aliens come into this?

My involvement goes back to when I was about 4 years old. I can still remember it vividly.

I was in bed. It was still light outside and there was a wooden board in front of me as part of the ceiling of the caravan(RV) we were staying in. It was a summer holiday.)

As I looked up, not feeling sleepy, I saw a square in glowing colors appear there. That was followed by a triangle, then a circle, then a stick figure of a man. Then it paused and, to my great delight, the man started to move like a cartoon!

From then on a series of figures and shapes appeared in quick succession in front of me. They were moving and telling me stories and I was transfixed by it all.

Being little, I have no idea how long it all lasted. However, at the end, I did turn to my sister (three years older than me and in the same room also in bed) and asked what did she think of the show? She looked puzzled, and I tried to explain what I had seen.

She gave me a blank look and told me she had seen nothing.

What it meant

Much later on, I came to understand (through various techniques) that this had been a download of information from beings from somewhere else, but not Earth.

Fast forward a little and Maggie and I are working in our business. We are working with clients from all over and helping them with their various challenges; emotional, physical, clearing the environment and so on. All from an energetic point of view. Most of them are long distance clients, and we consult with them by phone.

As we work with more people, we begin to realize that we are seeing the effects of stuff which is not of this world.

There are aliens affecting and influencing us now. But they're not always the physical ones that the media seem to concentrate on. Most of the ones we deal with are energetic, or they are not present physically on earth. They affect the land, and they affect the people and the animals.

Alien implants? Sure! We've come across them often. But they're the types which are affecting the energetic body, not something physical in your brain.

But the effects are just as real.

In fact, it seems that the non-physical aliens are the most prevalent of all on Earth right now.

If you want to do some checking about this, then I strongly urge you to take up dowsing. It is the best way to explore, question, investigate and understand the non-physical world around us.


We seem to be spending more and more time getting 'involved' with problems which are alien in origin. Anything from health issues to emotional and financial problems or problem associated with the environment can be due to alien influence.

I'm not saying that everything is alien. I'm not that paranoid!

But from our experiences it certainly seems that many difficulties which people face today are due to non-terrestrial interference in our lives.

It was this realization that led us to develop this website and try to spread the word.

If we can get people to start thinking more about aliens in new ways, then it might be that we can help more people to have better lives and live them without aliens getting in the way.

Alien Influence?

This website is a means we have to point out all the ways in which aliens (real or not) are influencing and continue to influence today. That influence can be in terms of health, the way we think and act, our present culture and our cultural history including the media in all its forms.

In other words, as you will find out as you explore this website, alien influence is happening right now in one way or another. It's not just little green men. It's a long way from just being about little green men!

Note: This is a topic that I have a passion for and I am happy to share it with my visitors. I'd also like my visitors to know that I used SBI! to build my site a company I would recommend to others. What I don't recommend is blindly listening to fake reviews written by competitors in order to make people think SBI! is inferior. Nothing could be further from the truth. In order to set things straight, there is a site that gives the facts and what occurred with those fake reviews. If you're thinking about using SBI!, you should read this site. You can find it here: Site Build It Scam

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