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Do Aliens Exist?
What Does Society Say?

Do aliens exist?

Now, if you were to ask a couple of people around you, you would get one set of answers. It would reveal how they viewed the world, in a way.

What if you asked a larger sample of people? What would they reveal, do you think?

That's what has been done before in various places at various times, and the results are really quite interesting.

If you like hearing about what people think and believe in, then polls are for you! I'll try to keep the figures clear and simple for you, but the polls are very revealing!

Remember that one of the main underlying questions in all this is, Do aliens exist?

When looking at the results, see where you fit in. For example...

1997 Canada

  • 9.6% of all Canadians have seen a UFO. (that equates to 3 million Canadians!)
  • 78% of Canadians believe in the existence of life elsewhere in the universe.
  • More than 52% believe that some UFOs are alien spacecraft.
  • Only 12% of people who have seen UFOs actually report their sightings.
  • More than 57% of Canadians believe there is a military or government cover-up regarding the existence of UFOs.
  • Older Canadians tend not to believe in UFOs or cover-ups.
  • Younger Canadian adults are more likely to believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Do aliens exist for Canadians? I think that's a 'Yes'.

1997 America

  • 80% of Americans think the government is hiding knowledge of the existence of extraterrestrial life forms.
  • 54% believe intelligent life exists outside Earth.
  • 64% of the respondents said that aliens have contacted humans
  • 50% said they have abducted humans
  • 37% said they have contacted the U.S. government.
  • 64% of the respondents to the poll said they believed that a UFO crash-landed in a field outside the Roswell, New Mexico
  • 91% said they had never had contact with aliens or known anyone who had
  • 93% said they had never been abducted or known anyone whisked away by beings from another planet
  • 44% said they expect to be treated as friends by aliens
  • 26% said they would be treated as enemies
  • 39% did not expect aliens to appear very humanoid
  • 35% said they probably would look "somewhat" human

Again, it seems that a lot of people would answer 'Yes' to the same question; 'Do aliens exist?'

2002 America

  • 72% of Americans believe the government is not telling the public everything it knows about UFO activity
  • 68% think the government knows more about extraterrestrial life than it is letting on.
    • Is the government withholding information about UFOs and extraterrestrial life?
    • 80% of respondents 18-24 years old said Yes
    • 75% of those 25-34 years old said Yes
    • 73 percent of those 35-49 years old said Yes
  • 53% of respondents said that their level of trust in the government has remained stable over the past five years
  • 29% said that they trust the government less than they did five years ago
  • 55% said that the government does not share enough information with the public in general
  • 60% said that the U.S. government should not withhold information about UFO sightings
  • 58% said that it should not withhold information about potential encounters with extraterrestrial life when national security is not an issue

Here, it's not about whether aliens exist or not, it's also about the UFO cover up which many feel is going on.

And, finally, here's a list of poll results from various areas at various times so that you can see the trend in belief. Do aliens exist? What's your answer?


  • 74% believed the US Government was currently involved in cover-ups


  • 48% believe UFO’s are real
  • 29% believe that we have made contact with aliens
  • 48% believe that there is a government conspiracy to cover it up


  • 87% Americans have read or heard about UFO’s
  • 12% reported that they had seen something that they thought was a UFO
  • 45% think UFO’s have visited earth
  • 48% believe UFO’s are something real
  • 31% believe UFO’s are the result of people’s imagination
  • 72% believe that there is life in some form on other planets in the Universe
  • 38% believe that there are people somewhat like ourselves living on other planets
  • 71% believe that the US Government knows more about UFO’s than it’s telling

June 1997 - UK

    Largest Opinion Poll on UFO’s conducted after a live UFO debate on ITV entitled Strange but True. The question was “Have aliens already visited earth”.

    Audience rating was just under 7 million.

  • 92% voted in favor of the extraterrestrial hypothesis with a margin of plus/minus 6%.
  • Three days after the program ITV Telecast ran their own telephone poll and asked “Do aliens exist?” Out of 2,215 votes cast, 87% answered Yes and 11% answered No.


  • Do you think there is intelligent life somewhere in the universe other than earth?

    Yes 54% - No 32% - Not Sure 14%

  • Do you think that intelligent beings from other planets have ever visited Earth or don’t you think so?

    Yes 30% - No 54% - Not Sure 16%

  • Do you think the US government is withholding information from the public about the existence of UFO’s or don’t you think so?

    Yes 49% - No 40% - Not Sure 11%

  • In your opinion are UFO’s real or just the product of people’s imaginations?

    Yes Real 43% - Imaginary 42% - Not Sure 15%

  • Have you or anyone you known seen a UFO

    Yes personally - 6% Yes someone I know - 13% No - 79% - Not Sure 2%

  • Have you or anyone you know ever had an encounter with beings from another planet or haven’t you?

    Yes Personally – 1% Yes Someone I know – 6% No – 92% Not Sure 1%

2002 June 24 SKY NEWS

  • 65% of Viewers said the believe in UFO’s

2002 August Quark – Monthly Science monthly science magazine

  • 80% believed that other life forms exist in the Universe
  • 55% believed that there is a foundation in truth for the existence of UFO’s
  • 38% answered no.

Just a note of interest: in a 1947 US Gallup Poll 90% of the population who heard of flying saucers believed they were not real.

All right then, it's your turn! Do aliens exist?

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