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Is There a Real Alien?

Everybody wants a real alien..

Everyone wants to have proof positive that aliens are real. No Photoshop, no clever video tricks, no supposition. Just a real alien.

How hard can that be?

Well, it depends on a few things.

As you might have gathered from reading around on this site, I don't blindly ascribe to everything every other site about aliens does. And I also don't just assume that the only aliens worth talking about are the ones of various colors and shapes who travel around in craft.

Let's step back a moment and consider what would make an alien real to us.

How real are real aliens?

Let's suppose, just for a moment, that you have met with an alien. You took photos and even got a sample of tissue. Would you be believed?

Probably not.

There's so much fakery going around now that you're photos are dismissed. The tissue samples either become corrupted through inadequate storage or somehow they just disappear after some guy from an unamed government agency has contacted you.

Either way, the only thing left are your memories.

That's what makes for a real alien!

But let me offer some other ideas about how real (or not) aliens might be.

  • There have been more and more sightings and talk of aliens in the last 20 or 30 years than ever before. Is it possible that we, as a race, have got ourselves in a position psychically so that we are ready to accept the idea of aliens as being real, whether or not they really are real?
    If you like, we've created the right atrmosphere for them to appear in.
  • Given that, it's also possible that all the aliens ever seen and discussed are simply projections from the race mind. Our own consciousness is bringing them into existence.
  • Why would we do that? Because the aliens represent freedom and action beyond our normal earth-bound limits?
  • Perhaps, as an alternative, they represent our own fears and anxieties about the government and our own loss of personal power and freedom? Aliens give us the outlet to accuse the government of conspiracy theories and show our mistrust, our awareness of loss of individuality.
  • How about the idea that aliens are the result of advanced brainwashing techniques to keep us in fear and so make us easier to control as our population grows and grows?
  • Then, of course, there's the other concept of aliens; that they are non-physical and interact with us through our minds and our energy fields. The physical reality of aliens is only what our minds allow us to project from the mental or other energetic contact from these invisible ones.

So, is it really easy to state, without a doubt, what makes for a real alien?

I don't think so.

All the trashing of 'evidence' about aliens is easier to do if they are not as physical as us.

If we are, as a race, projecting them into our own consciousness, then the arguments about them are really just another way we are showing our own indecision and uncertainties. We are, in effect, arguing with ourselves.

Also, by restricting our 'traditional' views of aliens as physical beings, we are in danger of ignoring the non-physical ones.

And they just might be the 'real' aliens, existing outside of our consciousness, but interfering with it in many ways.

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