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The Roswell Incident:
Still Fascinating People

The site of the 'Roswell Incident' is now a civilian airfield; the Roswell International Air Center.

It lies just south of the town of Roswell, New Mexico. It used to be the Walker Air Force Base, and was, in 1947, the center of intense interest and speculation about UFO's.

Nowadays, there is much talk of a cover up by the Army, with implications that the Government also knew what was going on.

If anything, the 'Roswell Incident' has probably had a greater influence on the way people think about UFO's than any other incident recorded.

The 'Incident'

Really, the whole interest in Roswell is because of a supposed crash of at least one UFO nearby on a ranch.

Bear in mind that this certainly wasn't the first reported UFO sighting, nor was it the most spectacular either. But the Roswell UFO crash has come to be the most widely talked about for over 50 years.

And anything which can still stir up interest after that amount of time is of interest by itself anyway!

So what is all the fuss about?

Quite simply, the fuss is all about...

  • whether or not one or more UFO's crashed there in 1947
  • whether or not alien bodies were recovered
  • whether some were alive or not
  • whether or not there was a cover up about it all

When it's put that plainly, it's hard to see why the Roswell incident should be still the subject of discussion, accusation and counter-arguments.

After all, it's not as if this was the only time the government or the armed forces have been suspected of covering up such things.

So, I suspect that the fuss is caused by several factors;

  1. Because it seems so well documented, it's easy to keep picking over the bones of it
  2. Because the people who actually could have witnessed anything there have been writing memoirs, holding conferences or just letting it be known that 'something was there'.
  3. Because it was one of the major original triggers to make people suspicious of the government and the armed forces and that it has become a way of life now in some circles.

In other words, the Roswell incident is not what keeps the interest in it going. It's the opportunity to keep taking pokes at the government, to keep conspiracy theories alive and (let's be honest here), to make money.

So....WAS there a UFO crash there?

I really don't think that's in any doubt at all.

Take a look at the newspaper headlines below and then listen to a news program of the time, talking about the flying disk which had been discovered.

The Roswell Incident

Click on the image below for a larger version.

Then, if you listen to this radio broadcast which also speaks of the flying disk in the possession of the Army, there appears to be little doubt that it was a UFO which crashed there.

The only thing which will stop any further speculation and debate is the actual facts of the incident being made public.

However, I think you'll agree with me that that is something which is very unlikely to happen. After all, if it was admitted, then the pressure to reveal all other UFO contacts would be unbearable.

Having bungled the original incident, the government and the armed forces have painted themselves into a very deep corner from which it is going to be increasingly difficult to extricate themselves.

I think there are plenty of people, supposedly either protecting or representing us, who shake their heads sadly and reach for the aspirin whenever they hear the term 'Roswell Incident'.

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