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The Sumerians: History or Myth?

Why talk about the Sumerians on a site which is about aliens and their influence on humans?

It's because Sumer and its inhabitants pose many questions, some of which might only be answered by referring to aliens.

Sumer: the unusual

Before talking more about the aliens, just have a look at the legacy of Sumer and you'll begin to understand the interest for people looking for alien influence on humans...

The Sumerians invented writing

The Sumerians...

  • invented picture-hieroglyphs which developed into the cuneiform (wedge-shaped) script, the earliest known written language
  • spoke a language which is generally regarded as unique as it is related to no known language family
  • built the first true city states
  • developed the first known codified legal and administrative systems (with jails, courts, and administrative records)
  • invented the wheel
  • were astronomers who first mapped out constellations and the zodiac known later to the Greeks. The five visible planets (to the naked eye) have Sumerian names
  • invented and developed number systems with both base 10 (decimal) and base 6. It became the standard number system of later civilizations and is still used today in degrees in a circle, the foot and its 12 inches and the dozen
  • probably invented military formations and basic divisions of archers, infantry and cavalry
  • established formal schools
  • were the first to use kilns to fire clay
  • developed intensive agriculture
  • built high rise structures and developed the arch, buttresses, recesses, half-columns and clay nails
  • had impressive medical expertise in diagnostic and surgical techniques
  • developed textile and clothing industries
  • had several other cultural "firsts" as well, such as the first proverbs, first library catalog, first historian and so on

Is it any wonder that these people, who came from somewhere, but nobody knows where, have aroused such interest?

And that's the key point here. The Sumerians and their civilization virtually erupted from nothing. There was nothing else like it before them and then suddenly you have a highly detailed and advanced society.

Wouldn't you want to know why?

And the aliens...?

The answer to the 'why' may well have been found in their writings, which are extensive and which cover all areas of life; from science to government records, from stories to mathematics, and from history to astronomy with everything in between.

It took a long time to decode it, but, once done, it was found to contain many references to gods and allusions to other manifestations of a highly advanced race of beings.

These beings were called the Annunaki.

The Annunaki

It is the contention of one of the principal scholars of Sumerian clay tablets, Zechariah Sitchin, that these Annunaki were responsible for the advanced status of Sumer.

Not only that, but they were instrumental in actually altering humanity genetically. The details are laid out clearly in his books, which I suggest you read if you are at all interested in this aspect of history.

Is he right?

Well, that's difficult to say, because I can't read cuneiform writing, so I have to take his word for it. But it would seem foolish to assume he is totally wrong on all counts. He might not be exactly correct in every detail, but the overall argument seems reasonable.

If that is the case, then he has pointed out to us the first documented interference of aliens on humanity. Aliens have interfered with and influenced us. Of that I am in little doubt.

I see no reason why the Annunaki should not have influenced the Sumerians at all.

And that means that we are the result of that interference.

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