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Time Travel?:
To When Would You Go?

Time travel has always had the feel of something fantastic about it. That's certainly been true for me.

Ever since I read my first sci-fi story about it, it just seemed to be a really cool thing to be able to do.

I remember puzzling my young brain over such paradoxes as going back and killing my grandfather accidentally, or disturbing something really small which would have really big effects later on.

But now, it looks like I am having to deal with it in real life.

Is time travel real?

First, let's look at why I say time it is something in real life and then look at some of the possibilities.

Put quite simply, if aliens are visiting us here on Earth, then travel through time must, to some degree, be responsible for their appearances.

Agreed, some species might be long-lived enough to be capable of enduring the lengthy trips across space if they travel below the speed of light. They might also have some form of suspended animation.

But I think it's reasonable to assume that not all species wold be like that. If space travel is something useful and viable, then they would have had to have found a way to distort time to shorten the journey.

That simple reasoning takes it out of science-fiction and into real life.

There are beings here on Earth right now who are able to travel through time! That is a great thing to realize....

....unless I really start thinking about it and not take for granted what we as humans are already doing.

Do we need the aliens?

Probably not.

The reason for saying this is that we're already thinking about it, planning it and working towards it. Now, it is possible that time travel, as a concept, came from the aliens. But there seems to be no way of proving that.

I can't find the first mention of the subject so I have no way of dating the idea and perhaps associating it with a specific event.

Therefore, let's look to what we can already do in this area.

There are those who can already see into the future. They are seers and prophets and they have some connection with the future so that they can predict what is going to be happening with a fair degree of accuracy. In a sense, they travel in time.

But, of more interest are the time dilation effects noted by Einstein in his theories of relativity. These have been proved to be true with the comparison of extremely accurate clocks, one taken on an aircraft, the other remaining on the ground.

Time was different for the one in the plane.

Additionally, there are those who say that things such as wormholes in space or black holes or things called cosmic strings are all likely candidates for allowing time travel.

Then again, there are theoretical mathematical models which talk of something very similar to the warp drives of Star Trek fame.

In conclusion

We are already talking about, mathematically modeling and scientifically proving that time is not a limiting barrier to travel. Why, then, should a more advanced civilization not already be able to actually have the science and the technology to journey quickly through time?

Maybe, somewhere underground right now there are aliens helping some of our scientists to understand the problem better. Maybe, the technology is almost there.

But whatever the truth about aliens and UFO technology, I think it's a fair bet that we humans will be experimenting and tinkering with the whole strange concept of time sooner rather than later.

And the paradox?

Just in case someone points out that we haven't had any time travelers show up yet, ask how they can be so sure. Also, point out that if they believe in UFO's, they already believe in time travel. One leads inevitably to the other.

And how would you recognize a time traveler?

Maybe the aliens are influencing our progress in this field. But, then again, maybe we're just so inquisitive a species that we'd figure it out for ourselves anyway!

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