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Vimanas add to the ancient proof of aliens

The word 'vimanas' is a Sanskrit word which was originally translated as car by Hindus.

Later, however, the translations of 'car', 'celestial car' and 'airborne chariot' made people think that it wasn't just a normal chariot or wheeled vehicle which was being referred to.

Because these vehicles were being used by gods (usually), the writings were studied also to examine the relationship between these supernatural beings and the rest of humanity.

In other words, the influence of ancient alien astronauts together with their 'cars' or vimanas, gradually gained ground.

Now, it is generally recognized that thse ancient writings, far from being filled with mere poetic licence, contain detailed descriptions of vehicles which can only be alien. Which also leads to the conclusion that their operators were aliens as well.

To give you some idea of the descriptions, the following are just some excerpts from ancient texts such as the Bhagavata Purana, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata;

  • 'While Dhruva Maharaja was passing through space, he saw, in succession, all the planets of the solar system, and on the path he saw all the demigods in their vimanas showering flowers upon him like rain'
  • 'Beholding the car coming by force of will Rama attained to an excess of astonishment. And the king got in, and the excellent car, at the command of Raghira, rose up into the higher atmosphere. And in that car, coursing at will, Rama greatly delighted. '
  • 'When the Daityas were being slaughtered they again took to their vimana and, employing the Danava science, flew up into the sky . . . I (Arjuna) assaulted their vimana . . . Wounded by the flight of deadly-accurate iron missiles, the Asura vimana fell broken to the earth . . . Matali swiftly descended earthward, as in a steep dive, on our divinely effulgent car.'
  • 'We beheld in the sky what appeared to us to be a mass of scarlet cloud resembling the fierce flames of a blazing fire. From that mass many blazing missiles flashed, and tremendous roars, like the noise of a thousand drums beaten at once. And from it fell many weapons winged with gold and thousands of thunderbolts, with loud explosions, and many hundreds of fiery wheels. Loud became the uproar of falling horses, slain by these missiles, and of mighty elephants struck by the explosions . . . '

(For a more detailed series of quotes, - this site is useful, and for a very interesting page about all the ways which Indian texts point at non-human science and technology, this is worth a read as well.)

Perhaps of even greater interest are the references to explosions and missiles associated with the beings in the vimanas. We seem to be witnessing aerial strikes and bombardments in a time when traditional science dictates a far more rudimentary culture.

It is worth spending a little time speaking of the Vaimanika Shastra. This is a document which supposedly discusses the vimanas' construction.

It is a channeled document from the early 20th Century. Nobody claims there is an earlier version. So, it is not a hoax. But it is difficult to assess well.

For example, the descriptions of the construction materials and techniques are all typical of the time as are the drawings (which all look as nothing like it could ever fly!)

However, although the details appear fanciful, there is no reason to believe that the actual machines might not be ornate and yet still fly. In other words, just because we know no other method of flying, we judge all descriptions by whether they meet our present standards.

Of course, as Arthur C Clarke once said, 'Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic'.

In conclusion, the existence of vimanas, taken together with other early evidence from stories such as are found in the Bible, all point to ancient astronauts being here on Earth and highly advanced technology being exposed to our early human ancestors.

Vimanas, however translated from the Sanskrit, add more weight to the evidence for alienson Earth.

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