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Is Alien Abduction Just The Next Step In Our Connection With Aliens?

Alien abduction is one of those strange things. The idea can be creepy and exciting at the same time.

Just think what it means. Some alien from who-knows-where actually chose you to connect with! All that distance across space and you end up with an alien encounter; a close encounter of the third kind.

That's the up-side.

The down-side, of course, is the anguish such contact often appears to bring. Not just the mental anguish of trying to come to terms with what happened. There's also the anguish of the public ridicule, disbelief, antagonism and the like which is pointed your way when you get brave enough to open your mouth.

From what we have heard from abductees, it seems that the following are the common denominators of 'traditional' alien abduction:

  1. Capture The abductee is taken from familiar surroundings to an apparent alien space craft.
  2. Examination Invasive medical or scientific procedures are performed on the abductee.
  3. Conversation The abductors speak to the abductee.
  4. Tour The abductees are given a tour of their captors' vessel or shown more than just the room they awoke in.
  5. Time Loss Abductees rapidly forget the majority of their experience.
  6. Return The abductees are returned, sometimes to a different location from where they were taken or with new injuries or disheveled clothing.
  7. Aftermath The abductee has to cope with the psychological, physical, and social effects of the experience.

Not all of these appear to be true for all abductees, but they are certainly the most common.

Of course, there are always going to be those people who claim to have been abducted. Their stories muddy the waters for those who really have been through it.

How can you tell the difference?

Sometimes it's difficult. Because it's not easy to corroborate stories, reliance is placed more on the personal integrity of the people involved.

That's why the Betty and Barney Hill story rings so true.

In many cases, however, the decision is not so easy.

Nevertheless, it is from alien abduction cases that we have gathered a lot of information about aliens, their craft and the various races involved in the incidents.

Those critics of the idea seem eager to discount the probity of suspected abductees and blame it on drugs, psychosis and the like. Yet they only ever deal with it in isolation.

Taken together with the increasing mass of evidence for UFO and alien activity on Earth, it becomes far more reasonable to assume it is happening to some people than to argue against it wholesale.

Some problems

While I do not doubt in the least that alien abduction happens (and probably more than is reported), I always wonder why it continues.

After all, if the aliens are as advanced as it would seem they would have to be to be here, why do they insist on repeating the same types of experiments over and over?

One answer, of course, is that if they are developing a breeding program, then they need a steady supply of fresh eggs and sperm. (But I can't help wondering if sperm banks aren't reporting unexplained losses. It would be the easiest way to go.)

Also, there is the other major problem about alien abduction.

And that is, why is it such a recent phenomenon?

Yes, it is undoubtedly true that aliens have been visiting here all along. Look at the connection between UFO's and the Bible, for example.

But abduction only began to be reported in the 1950's and became more widespread in the 1960's and continues up to today.

You have to ask why that is.

An alternative theory

First, I think that we're far too restrictive about what counts as an abduction.

I don't think you should have to include a UFO encounter or even space ships in the scenario.

The reason for thinking this is that there is way too much emphasis on the purely physical aspects of abduction;

  • being taken
  • being experimented on
  • returning and coming to terms with it

I believe that there are sufficient grounds to suggest that alien abduction can happen while you sleep, and you need never even realize it has happened to you.

The reason for this is the fact that we are not just our physical bodies. We are our energetic bodies as well.

Altering or distorting that field of energy around us (commonly called the aura) is sufficient to bring about effects.ranging from the emotional ones of irritation and annoyance, to physical illness and death. (Voodoo, bone pointing by Aborigines in Australia and the like.)

Why should it not be possible to conceive of a process whereby your energetic field is 'captured' or ensnared in some way and then altered?

Would that not be the same as the 'traditional' alien abduction? In such cases they could easily place some form of energetic implant in us, with the same effects as the physical ones which have been found.

It would explain the many cases of mood alteration, fear of sleep, and other emotional problems which people can develop quite quickly.

The aliens involved might not be the 'usual' physical ones like the greys or reptoids. They might be more energetic beings themselves and only see us as energy fields, ripe for manipulation.

I think we are too taken up with having physical proof and we ignore the other possibilities.

Second, I tend to think that the wave of abduction stories coming now is just the next step in our psychological growth.

That's not to deny they exist. It's more that now we, as a race, are ready to admit that it might be happening, so we allow it to happen. In much the same way, Great Britain was 'ready' for the Industrial Revolution when it happened. Everything was in place for it, it just had to get started.

There have always been UFO sightings. There have been occasional close encounters of the second and third kinds throughout history. But only in the twentieth century did we start reporting it.

The thing I find most interesting is, what is the next wave of alien interaction gong to be?

If we, collectively, are, in a way, allowing these things to happen because we've had enough preparation for it, then what?

Do we suddenly have aliens in our midst, publicly available? Do we suddenly get to see space craft for the first time and get to touch them?

Or do we develop into outright war with them? Maybe we have to go through a rabid anti-alien phase before we truly intermingle. Perhaps we all have mass hallucinations about aliens....?

Who knows?

It's worth remembering that things rarely happen by chance when you get to understand them. And so it is, I believe, with alien abduction. It is just the next step in our growth and understanding.

So what's down the road?

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