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The Influence of Aliens is
Complex and Fascinating

The truth about aliens and their influence on us? I guarantee that you'll find it far more interesting than any fiction.

Modern UFO sightings may grab headlines, but so what? ETs have been visiting earth for thousands of years.

In that time they have altered

  • our biology,
  • our technology,
  • our culture,
  • our religion
  • our government.

Much of what we take for granted as 'human' actually has offworld origins.

One type of extraterrestrial, the Annunaki, left a huge legacy on human biology and culture. You can find out more about them and other types of ETs here in this website.

You'll also find information about

We'll show you how your life is affected right now by beings from other worlds. There are connections and complexities you may never have thought of. They will give you a whole new perspective on what 'humanity' really is.

In our combined 20-plus years of experience working with clients to help them deal with problems, my wife and I have encountered a lot of extraterrestrial energies and agendas.

We never realized how much of this influence there is on earth until we began this work.

It's a controversial subject.

Decide for yourself what you think about it. It literally could redefine what 'being human' means to you.

Alien influence? It's soooo much more than extraterrestrials in UFOs!

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